Welcome to Hyperiums, the Realtime Multiplayer Strategy Game
Welcome to Hyperiums,
a unique massively-multiplayer strategy game!

The Hyperiums Intergalactic Empire, following the advices of the Supreme Council, has decided to put some order in a very distant galaxy. In about thousand and two hundred years, as planned by the Millennial Expansion Program, this galaxy will be colonized by thousands of billions of Hyperiums citizen, coming from the thirty thousands galaxies ruled by the Hyperiums Empire. The Supreme Council expects this new galaxy to be pacified and civilized on time.
By signing up in this game, you will be given by Hyperiums a free hand to administer one planet (to start with).

The aim of the game is to extend the influence of your empire by conquering planets and developing their civilization level, so that Hyperiums recognizes you as the best Administrator. All your skills at trading, spying, fighting and using diplomacy will be needed, because you are in competition with thousands of players!

In Hyperiums, there are two ways to conquer a planet: a soft one, and a brutal one. The first way consists of progressively infiltrating the target planet, until it falls under your control. The other way is to send war ships loaded with armies and fight until all resistance has been crushed.
Achieving conquests is expensive: in order to finance these activities, you will need to establish commercial relations with other planets and make profits from them.

Just a few words concerning the spirit of the game. You will not be given the exact formulas used to compute the battles, the infiltrations, or anything else. You will get information about, for example, the relative characteristics of the ships and races, but (quite) no number and no math formula. We expect our players to get this knowledge by experience. Just be aware that chance is everywhere, that all computations include random numbers. As Heisenberg discovered, everything is a matter of probability!