Welcome to Hyperiums, the Realtime Multiplayer Strategy Game
Develop the economy of your planets, trade with other planets
Discover new technologies, new ships, new ways of fighting
Raise armies, build factories & space ships, compose your fleets
Fight space and planetary battles against real players
Bomb enemy planets, take them over
Develop, plunder or destroy your conquests
Use your enemy's Hypergate network, attack them by surprise
Join one or several alliances, or create your own
Enter the global diplomacy, lead the fate of thousands of planets
Infiltrate enemy planets, spy their communications
Send reinforcements to your allies when they need help
Betray your allies when they deserve it
Become a pirate and hit who, where and when you want
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Latest news
  • 2022-01-11 New Round (#13)! One year-long, Fog of War, Wild Spawn, 10-man free teams... Sign up now!

Testimonials from mpogd.com:
(202 ratings; avg. score: 9/10)

From dzmath (10/10): the most addictive game i've ever played.
From Plastonick (10/10): Its highly addictive and absolutley BRILLIANT!
From Zworg (9/10): The best space conquest game i know. Great rules, well done ingame forum, loyal players since years, efficient interface and very active community from many different countries.
From yves_982 (9/10): Great development efforts, active community and good atmosphere :)
From Bowser_full... (10/10): A very addictive game with some great players (old and new) ... I've played for almost 5 years, along with many others, and enjoyed every moment of it.
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Games status
Permanent Game (Round #10)
: 06 Jan 2019
Permanent Game (Round #11)
: 05 Jan 2020
Permanent Game (Round #12)
: 10 Jan 2021
Round #13 - One Year Game
: 16 Jan 2022

contact: admin@hyperiums.com